It's A Very Noisy World

                1,258,171,500 Websites                            

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Of course the more competition the better at least for for consumers but it does make things for difficult for business owners especially if they are not keeping up with the latest changes in the marketplace.   


In Business As In Life - You Have 2 Choices 

Fit In Or Stand Out

If You Fit In - You Will Disappear

Does Your Business Stand Out From Everyone Else?

Perhaps it's finally time to stop being boring. 

Playing it safe is no longer safe - it's risky, very, very risky.

Years Ago Seth Godin Estimated That American's View over 1 Million Ads Yearly

Standing out from the crowd demands more than silly stunts.

You can walk around with wet socks in your mouth to get attention

but it won't get people to buy your product.




Without A Clear Differentiating Idea

Attached To Your Product, Brand Or Company

All You’re Left With To Motivate Buyers

Is Price

Which It Becomes A Raise To The Bottom

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