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Winning in business, as in life is a never-ending series of battles.  So whatever you do - don’t put your head in the sand (or in a wall) and hope that somehow your business will magically thrive. 

You might be thinking that an aggressive marketing campaign must be expensive.  But that's what makes guerrilla marketing different.  It's designed so that regardless of the size of your budget there are plenty of options available to grow your business and make it stand out from the rest of the competition without spending a ton of money.  Naturally the more you can afford to spend the better. But it's important to stick to your budget, and not get talked into spending more than you can afford.  Then as time goes on you can always spend more on your marketing campaign as your profits increase.



                                                                         I Dare You

Life is tough. 

So is business.
In business you have to be a fighter.

Marketing has been compared to farming, dating, and marriage.  Farming because it requires patience.  Dating because prospects and customers need to trust you.  And it even mirrors marriage because it takes a serious commitment to make it work and just like in some marriages - it even resembles war. 

But in this war the survival of your company is at stake.  In this war you are surrounded, all around you are enemies cleverly disguised as business owners.  These adversaries thrive on competition.  They're very smart, very motivated and ready to fight.  They’re studying you carefully for vulnerabilities in your operation and methodology.  Their goals are straightforward - take your profits, and capture your customers.  And if that’s not enough, new companies with fresh blood that are full of energy are coming down the road looking to pick a fight with anyone that stands in their way. 
                                                                    Are You Up For It?

If you really want to win in this competition, you must go on the offense it’s the only way.  The 1st step is to create your battle plan.   A well-designed plan is the foundation for a coherent marketing attack and allows you go on the offense.  By going on the offense it puts you in control and makes you stand out as an industry leader even if you're currently not one.  Engaging in an aggressive marketing campaign catches the competition off guard, confuses them and keeps them off balance.  It frequently even wears them down because they’re never quite sure what you’ll do next.

                                                          Make No Mistake Where You Are