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                                                             Why Do People Listen When Jay Talks?

Jay Conrad Levinson the father of Guerrilla Marketing and truly one of the original mad men and a giant in the field of marketing has been my marketing mentor in so many ways.  His 50 plus Guerrilla Marketing series of books have sold over 20 million copies.  Jay rose up the ranks to become the senior vice president and the creative director at the two largest advertising agencies in the world, Jay Walter Thompson and Leo Burnett.  Later Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Larry Ellison were his students when he taught marketing at U. C. Berkeley’s night school in the 1970's.

                                                Jay And His Creative Teams Created These Iconic Brands

Some of the brands he helped create include The Pillsbury Doughboy, You're In good hands with Allstate, Fly the friendly skies of United Airlines, Sears Diehard Battery, Tony the Tiger, Jolly Green Giant, Mr. Clean, the Marlboro Man and the Maytag Repairman. Jay also worked closely with Hugh Hefner in the creation of Playboy magazine and the first Playboy club in Chicago.  He was also instrumental in helping Bank of America introduce ATMs and ATM cards in America. 

Jay also created marketing materials for Wells-Fargo, Citicorp, Visa, Viacom, Charles Schwab, University of California, Kampgrounds of America, BF Goodrich, Gallo Wines, the Sharper Image, Peterbilt Motors, Chrysler Corporation, Honda, Club Med, PBS, Playboy, Hyatt, Encyclopedia Britannica, Pacific Telephone, Old Spice, Arby's, The United Way, Rolling Stone, Montgomery Ward, Nissan, Mercedes, Volvo, and Holiday Inn.  

There are many giants in the field of marketing: David Ogilivy, Rosner Reeves, Theodore Levitt, Jay Abraham, Al Reis, Jack Trout and Seth Godin but few come close to positive ifluence of Jay Conrad Levinson.  In fact the vast majority of people in the marketing field today that help small business owners  have been greatly influenced by Jay's work. Now I'm not Jay Conrad Levinson, but he's been a marketing mentor to me.  I've carefully studied almost everything he's ever said or written about regarding marketing If we decide to work together I can put these same guerrilla marketing principles that Jay created to work for you as well.