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What Is The Worlds Most Extreme Business?            

                                                           It's Turning A Dream Into A Business

Some people are extremely adventurous daredevils; these adrenaline junkies enjoy death-defying activities. But the entrepreneur, thank God for the entrepreneur.  These rare individuals truly are daredevils. These dreamers and visionaries act in spite of their fears. Not only are they creators of change but they are the driving force behind America's economy. These brave souls often start companies with little more than a big dream and high hopes. These risk takers are willing to lose everything in pursuit of a dream that they alone can see. They prefer to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week. Then on top of that they are also the most misunderstood and under appreciated people anywhere.

                                                             Why Do So Many Businesses Fail?

You've probably seen these statistics, 50% of businesses fail within the first 5 years and 80% within 10 years.  Unfortunately these statistics don’t even take into account the number that survive but are on life support.

The things is that the people who start companies have amazing dreams and are highly skilled in their respective fields but many are unskilled in the fundamentals of marketing.  But most realize marketing can make or break their company so they experiment.  They put up a website. Some advertise. Others hold sales. Many do social media. A few do PR.  Some even hold promotions to create publicity.

                                                                   Random Acts Of Marketing

Basically they do a little of this and a little of that.  Some of the marketing pulls in one direction while other parts pull in a different direction.  It’s all over the place.  They market chaos.  This type of marketing has little power because it’s not focused on a core idea.  It lacks the energy; force and authority that results from a unifying theme that forces everything pull together so the power of marketing is fully harnessed. 

                                                                   Building Without Blueprints

Imagine what would happen if someone decided to build a 100-story but thought they could do it without a plan?  Perhaps they were successful building houses so they decide to try their hand at skyscrapers. They get so excited about this new business venture they actually begin construction without a blueprint. Talk about chaos.  Planning and coordination would be vague to non-existent.  Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and painters would all be doing things their own way.  Some rooms would lack outlets while other floors could have bathrooms in kitchens. 
                                                          Are You Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants?

Naturally big dreams and hard work are essential but sometimes people get so excited about starting their business they actually start it without a coherent well designed marketing plan.  Fortunately they work extra hard and do everything possible to make it successful.  Perhaps their product or service is so great or so novel everything starts off great.  Their raw unbridled energy and drive keep the business going initially.  But when times get tough - and they will - that's when the guessing games begin.  

Now some people actually begin with a marketing plan.  But unfortunately too often plans only look good on paper.  And that’s where the trouble begins.  Because they assume their plan must be so exhaustive it gets overloaded with pages and pages of information.  Eventually, it contains so much information it ends up looking more like a world almanac than a marketing plan.  

They fell into a trap - the information trap. They incorporated ideas for alternative courses of action for all types of possible problems and numerous “what if” scenarios. The net result: They get bogged down with so much data and so many details; they lose sight of their original dream.  It's full of so much information and is so bor-ing no one ever thinks to looks at it again.

When you're overloaded with too much information it becomes extremely difficult to focus on what’s most important.  It’s natural to assume more data is a good thing because information is so vital.  But the catch is too much of anything even something good is dangerous.  Just as too much food, water, work, or exercise does more harm than good, the same is true of data.  When you're drowning in a sea of data it's easy to panic and panic is the last thing you ever want to do in business.  When you panic you make mistakes and usually they're big ones.

                                                       Are You Heading In The Right Direction?




                                                                          Suicide By Panic

A marketing plan must be both rational and remarkable.  Its entire purpose is to provide a stable and consistent foundation for everything you do to grow your business.  It must be an insanely clear blueprint that explains your plan so clearly that customers, clients, and prospects understand exactly what your business is about.                                                                 
                                                              7 Critical Questions To Ask Yourself

Does your strategy spell out your plan of action in exact detail with logical steps to grow your business?  
Does it allow customers and clients to quickly and easily appreciate who you are - what you stand for - and the unique value that separates you from everyone else in the universe?   Is it comprehensive in scope while simultaneously preventing you from getting bogged down with unnecessary details so you don't head in the wrong direction?  Does it stop you from doing what you detest - playing guessing games and wondering what to do next?

                                                                           My Promise To You 

             Every business needs a marketing plan that inspires action, confidence, and keeps you focused. 

My ultimate goal for your business, the thing I want most is for you to have a strategy you can be proud of. 

                            So proud in fact you'll want to hang it on a wall for everyone to see every day. 
                                                                  Are you’re tired of winging it?

Are you tired of wasting money and confusing symptoms for real problems? 

  If you want a direct and sensible action plan,
one that keeps you focused on what's most important, let's talk.

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